with Montel, recorded in New York 2019


Excerpt from the conversation in the video:


Jana: Now it’s recording.


Montel: That looks like a taser. Which you should probably have. Anyway. From the holding cell, where did you go? Where did they take you? Ok, after the holding cell, holding cell is jail, not jail, it’s just were they keep you. They literally call it a holding cell. They don’t call it jail. You have a holding cell, jail and than prison. Prison is if you get something for more than a year. So, you were in the holding cell. And they said, you don’t wait here. Where did they take you after that, after the holding cell? After I left.

with: Iğdır: Alen Rahimic, Hussein Chehimi, Zelimhan Dadaev, Hamsat Shadalov, Valentino Radu, Harun Colak, Alexander von Bergen, Ahmed Omeirat; Maravilla: Andre Perez, Martin Urias, Raymond Otanes; Monterey Park: Rico Ramos

Golden Boys. Iğdır. Maravilla. Monterey Park, Marion Ermer Preis 2018, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, Photos: Andreas Enrico Grunert

Installation view: Antarctica. An Exhibition on Alienation, Kunsthalle Wien 2018, Photo: Jorit Aust: Buck Ellison, Anxious Avoidant, 2016, Mama, 2016, Private collection, Courtesy the artist; Joanna Piotrowska, Untitled, 2015, Untitled, 2015, V, Frowst, 2013–2014, Untitled, 2016, Courtesy Southard Reid, London & Dawid Radziszewski Gallery, Warsaw; Jana Schulz, Golden Boys. Iğdır. Maravilla. Monterey Park, 2018, Courtesy the artist; Tobias Zielony, Maskirovka series, 2017, Courtesy of KOW, Berlin

Golden Boys (Iğdır)

Golden Boys (Maravilla)

Golden Boys (Monterey Park)

Wer macht im Krieg die Musik? Ihr meint wohl die Kanon’. Doch pro Kanon’ ein Ton, das würd’ sich nicht lohn’.

PLAY Wer macht im Krieg die Musik?

A = Aufnahme für Jana / Andy Alanis

PLAY A = Aufnahme für Jana / Andy Alanis

He speaks with a soft Bavarian accent
Hello Jana, I’m going to record a cassette for you and when it’s full, or when there is something on it, I’ll send it to you. We can’t be together, you can’t see me, but at least you can hear me. I’ll play the guitar for a bit, the guitar has only four strings and I haven’t played for maybe, hm, let’s say, twenty years; haven’t played. Guitar playing. Singing: Yes Jana, she is sweet, Jana makes me feel complete, yes Jana, she is sweet and Jana makes me feel complete, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.